People’s Choice: Albumkritik, Umfragen, Awards & kostenlose Downloads

28 Okt

Der People’s Choice-Blog schenkt David dieser Tage ein wenig Aufmerksamkeit!!

In der Albumkritik des Blogs schneidet „The Other Side Of Down“ nicht nur sehr gut ab, Leser können bei Registrierung auf der Website auch noch einen der 1.000 kostenlosen Downloads von „Something ‚Bout Love“ erhaschen (einen entsprechenden Hinweis gibt es übrigens auch auf David’s offizieller Website! Außerdem ist David in zwei Umfragen nominiert!

Zu den Umfragen geht es hier – BITTE FÜR DAVID STIMMEN!:




Zur Registrierung auf People’s Choice und zum kostenlosen Download von „Something ‚Bout Love“ geht es HIER!!!


Die Albumkritik gibt es auf oder hier zum Nachlesen:

I love the end of American Idol. The end part that is, because then you’ve gotten past all the folks who didn’t fare too well in their efforts, and now you get to watch the trailblazing, tear-inducing, mascara-wearing, hometown-mobilizing, glassware-shattering voices who will hopefully land a place in history. Or at least in our collective hearts. And today, I’d like to discuss one of the more appealing players on that stage. David Archuleta: American Idol runner-up, singer extraordinaire, bestselling author, tremendous go-to guy when it comes to bringing awareness to those in need, and all around whopping talent is now er, back. With a brand new album — this makes three records so far (nor is he yet twenty. Way to pave the way for the rest of us, Dave…) Anyway – if you’re not yet a fan, you’re probably about to become one. For two reasons. First) you’re going to get a David Archuleta song download for free, right here and right now. And second) you’ll play the free song at which point it may very well dawn upon you that this kid has, in fact, one terrific set of pipes.

This is exactly what happened to me. I walked right into it. Who am I to turn down free music? And the less I know the better. Turns out, honestly, that free download was actually worth every penny. It’s called Something ‘Bout Love from the album The Other Side of Down, and he’s kind of astonishing. And, from what I can tell unusually genuine and down-to-earth for someone so young. That One/Two process with the freebie worked for me because I was late to the Idol game and didn’t actually get caught up in the madness til Adam Lambert and Kris Allen battled it out the following year. I didn’t know from David Archuleta. So when I got the download I was happy to listen, had zero expectation, and was entirely unprepared for what this 19-year old would deliver. Now here’s the deal: if you’re among the first thousand (1000) PCA members – you can join on the spot too – you get to click and presto, you get the free song. If you’re already a fan, you needn’t have even read this far – just one click and David Archuleta’s latest download’s yours – just for the clicking. They say there’s no such thing as free lunch, but this comes rather close. Now, for today’s poll let’s take a look at four other popular Idol runners-up.

Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these other second place Idol finishers (besides David Archuleta) is your favorite:

1) Clay Aiken

2) Katharine McPhee

3) Adam Lambert

4) Crystal Bowersox

Eine Antwort to “People’s Choice: Albumkritik, Umfragen, Awards & kostenlose Downloads”

  1. chachacha 2 November, 2010 um 2:55 pm #

    Ich bin für Taylor Swift! Die Frau hats wirklich drauf… nur 20 jahre alt und schon wieder ein neus album aufm Markt!!!
    Hier sind ein paar coole blogs falls jemand mehr infos sucht!!!
    und ja, natürlich hab ich mich am meisten auf Taylors Album gefreut!!!

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